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Venezian Finish

Venezian finishes emulate the old world feel and style of Venice. Each piece of stone is turned into a gem, able to enrich and adorn every room. It has a subtle textured finish with all the qualities and durability of polished granite. The textured finish of Venezian can be a striking substitute for honed finished which lack the Venezian depth and clarity of color. It is intense and endless, to be enjoyed in a unique atmosphere... a


This small island in the lagoon can be easily recognized by the small houses of the fishermen. All of the houses are painted with characteristic bright colors creating a lively and harmonious palette. Our Venezian BURANO, with its golden hues, will melt in any detail of your home.



The Canals are the real way to move in Venice and are the only "roads" from one point to the other in the city. They form an extraordinary mix of culture and romanticism. The most famous is surely the Canal Grande, which has represented the centre of commercial and cultural exchanges since the times of the Dogi. Our Venezian CANALS is a clear and uniform grey, suitable for a minimal or monochromatic environment or to create a nice contrast with the more vivid colours of our line.



Doge was the premiere magistrate for the Republic of Venice between 697 and 1797. The position held the highest authority and an enormous power. The word doge itself originated from the latin word dux, that means Chief or Leader. The doge was always selected from among members of the most important and aristocratic Venezian families, and once elected his term was lifelong. Something eternal, such as our Venezian DOGS, provides endless beauty for a kitchen countertop, a classic color with a new finishing.



Te Gondola is the classic image that reminds us of Venice. The Gondola is a typical boat, once symmetrical in design, with superb decorations representing the way every noble family used to distinguish itself from the others. Today the Venezian GONDOLAS are no longer symmetrical, so that they can be driven by just one man. Our Venezian GONDOLA is a yellow colour with red accents, easily combi- ning elegance and beauty at the same time.



The Venice Lagoon surrounds the city. Formed about 6,000 years ago, the lagoon has slowly changed its appearance any times to become what we see today. It is separated from the Adriatic Sea by the various Lidi, and only 5~o of the lagoon can really be considered solid ground. Everything else is made up of Barene, an area fully covered by vegeta- tion that is particularly resistant to the marine salt. Our LAGUNA Venezian is a white and green mixture of water, vegetation and golden reflections.



Lido is a strip of sand protecting Venice from the might of the ocean. In LIDO during the summer the beach is crowded with tourists and nightlife is enhanced by the bistros and the famous casino. Wintertime turns LIDO into a place of silence and still hours. Our Venezianm LIDO, with its velvet black color expresses pureness and a peaceful modern feeling.



Murano is the most famous island of the Venice lagoon. It is here that world acclaimed Glass masters give life and form to eternal colors. The Venezian MURANO with its sea green color is a work of art in stone. Each piece will be unique and beautiful.



Polo is a quiet neighborhood of Venice even though the name reminds everyone of one of the most powerful families in town. The Polo's, who were excellent merchants, brought beuty and intense colors to Venice with their metals, stones and cloths. This Venezian POLO, a golden beam with purple gems.



Te RIALTO bridge is one of the best-known images in Venice. Originally built in wood, the bridge was re-built in solid stone after it collapsed under the weight of a crowd celebrating the wedding of Marchese di Ferrara. Our Venezian RIALTO has classic strong and elegant tones for any room.



San Marco

Piazza SAN MARCO has always been the most important place in Venice. Described as the "most elegant drawing room in Europe" the Piazza San Marco oozes richness with its important palaces, theatres and three Cathedrals. The tower of San Marco affords the best view of the entire lagoon. Our Venezian SAN MARCO reflects the best of the lagoon in its rich blue-silver colors.